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Friday, May 12, 2017


. I've been asking myself how we can best produce a progressive Democratic tsunami next year, and here are some things which, to me anyhow, stick out:
1) Most eligible voters don't. We all know and, being Democrats, pretty much deplore this.
2) I'd guess most of them don't vote because they think 'they're all the same', ad nauseam that way. If I'm off, please tell me so--and the how and why thereof.
3)We Democrats have, with almost nauseating consistency, pitched our message to the Sober And Thoughtful Citizens. Again, let me know if I'm missing something here.
4) Sober, etc., citizens generally vote and appear to be something of a minority. Again and always, please check my observations and let me know what I miss, if anything. In any case, they're the ones who may draw back from Democrats who pull no punches but name treason (in this case, 50 years of it) on the GOP's part out loud. But what about the non-voting majority? Might such frank talk not be as it were the cold water that gets them off their couches?
5) Yes, ask for small amounts of money but ALSO ask for them to share the messages. Such as 'half a century of treason' and 'No jobs on a dead planet' and so on. Get them thinking and bring them into the political process. I cannot say this often enough: ordinary citizen engagement is democracy's lifeblood!
The 'professionals' whose mannerisms too many Democrats have adopted (mostly that of schoolmarms, male and female, it seems to me) will vote for us anyhow; it's the disengaged we need to bring in. But to bring them in, we need to also aim for the gut and the heart as well as the head! We've been aiming almost exclusively at the head, with an occasional word to the heart, for far too long!! And once we do, and engage the former non-voters--there will be our tsunami! Again (ad nauseam yet?) have I missed anything?
There are some who feel that such frankness will damage our civic fabric further. My reply is this: how much further can that fabric be shredded before we realize we can't cover the fissures with it anymore? We need to rebuild that fabric and that can only be done with firmity and strength. without any wet-noodling and in the light of clear and (sometimes) merciless truth!
Let's all think about ways to do this and share them with each other! I know this much: I intend to aim my posts squarely at the guts and hearts of the disengaged, with due attention to their heads, between now and November 2018!!

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