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Sunday, October 13, 2013


In the campaigns next year and thereafter, perhaps for the foreseeable future, we progressives can no longer afford being schoolmarms. To the willfully ignorant GOP and teabaggers, we must be as willing to inflict butthurt as was Wackford Squeers, albeit in the cause of truth. We CANNOT LET any lie promulgated by these right-wing TRAITORS go unanswered!
Frankly, to HELL with the oh-so-eggshell-porcelain-crybaby feelings of ALL rightwingers from Cruz and Gingrich on down! I swear, if I ever have a platform they might not be able to sit down for years after I retire!!
Take off your gloves, all my fellow-progressives, and let's fight bare-knuckle 'cause that's what we need to do! The traitors see our civilities as weakness and exploit them accordingly! We can fight without ad hominem or ad mulieram attacks; all we need do is tell the truth about who pays these goons and what they're really after and keep telling those truths in the face of right-wing wailing! Do not hesitate to share the nasty truth about our enemies--who are also our country's enemies!! With congressional (and, probably, state senatorial and legislative districts as well) being as gerrymandered as they are, any REAL change has to begin by noting the usual sorry-assed turnout for midterm elections: somewhere around 30% of the eligible population votes.
Hence, if we are to overturn enough gerrymandered districts on ALL levels, we must: 1) find out who among the nonvoting and unregistered (but eligible) are likely to vote progressive
2) Get those who are our likely voters registered to vote
3) Show the waverers and the 'they're-all-the-sames' the significant difference between the parties and how anti-democracy the right wing really is
4) Impress on them that their voting, and other forms of participation in democracy, CAN indeed make a difference!
I'm willing to bet that, if we can at least double the turnout percentage next year, we might well overturn and progressivize about half the gerrymanders, both on the state and federal levels. Let's get cracking, progressives! To those of you who are already doing these things, kudos to y'all and KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!!