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Monday, December 12, 2016


To ALL liberals, progressives, and real Democrats:
Now, now, NOW is the time to stand up and SCREAM AT THE TOP OF OUR LUNGS!!!
As the ties between the Trumpery Gang and Russia's Czar Vladimir II become clearer, we need to stand up and name this for what it is: TREASON!!
In pursuit of wealth and power, too many 'Republicans' (I call them 'RePIGlicans') have shown there really is nothing, NOTHING, they will not do to get these things including selling the rest of us for thirty pieces of silver each. They have been showing us this ever since Nixon told Thieu to hold back from the peace table because he, Ol' Milhous, would give him a better deal if elected, THROUGH the Reagan's campaign backstairs deal with the Ayatollah to hold onto our hostages until Carter was out of office AND the illegal aid to the Somocistas in Nicaragua EVEN UNTO THIS PRESENT DAY and Trump's telltale ties with Russia's current emperor as he aspires to make himself another emperor over us even as he humbugs his voters from here till New Year's Day!!
This, fellow citizens, is the culmination of almost half a century of treason!!
While the Repiglicans at least pretend to believe that, why, anyone and everyone does that much for wealth and power, we need to give them a big, fat, LOUD, NO! NOT SO!!
Even LBJ showed he was not that kind when he covered up Nixon's treason for fear of how it would shake the people's faith in the system! Taking one's opportunities is rather different from stopping at nothing and selling one's very soul!
But now is NOT a time for showing such 'faith' when the GOP termites have eaten the system nearly all the way through! If the GOP pols do believe this, then they also project it out upon the rest of us, most of whom want no more than to be of service, earn a reasonably comfortable salary, be able to educate our kids and not have to worry about possible medical bankruptcy. Fellow citizens, the system's safeguards against corruption and tyranny work only to the extent that you and I keep squinting eyes on them and, to tell the bitter truth, lately we have shamefully neglected this instrumental duty that only we can do!
However, we can redeem ourselves IF, right NOW, we stand up and say, "We will not have a TRAITOR for president, nor will we have any of his party who cannot show a record of NOT being a similar type of traitor to the idea of our country!"
No time for anything now but standing up and speaking up and SCREAMING if that's what we need to do! Pressure the electors in our states to elect Hillary or, indeed, ANYONE who took no part in the GOP's Food Fight called a primary!

Thursday, November 24, 2016


Fellow citizens, our rights are in danger!!
Perhaps not immediately, but it was anticipation of worse that helped start both the English Civil War and indeed our own Revolution!
The counts in five hotly-contested states--Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Florida AND North Carolina--have too many irregularities about them NOT to be suspicious! NOW IS THE TIME to call and call LOUDLY for all these states to be both audited and recounted! If you let the GOP get away with this evil Trumpery, you will send a message to them that they can get away with this sort of rigging! Together with their gerrymandering and roadblocks to make it harder for people of color, women, seniors, students and the poor generally to vote, this will enable them to rig elections while they:
1)Privatize and ultimately abolish Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid, thereby pauperizing many of us
2) Put a hammerlock on the Supreme Court and the rest of the judiciary and thereby reverse Roe and many other rulings such as Gideon and Miranda which expanded ordinary people's rights
3) Repeal Amendments 13 through 19 which protect the rights of people of color and women as independent and voting citizens and democratize income and elections. (Except the 18th, which was already repealed in 1933: Prohibition)
4) Set up a neo-feudal system in which rich white men will hold ALL the power and most of the wealth!
When we all have more freedoms, we all have more freedoms. Including white men. Freedom (including freedom from want) is not a zero-sum game UNLESS you're just afraid that, in a really honest system, no one will be lower than YOU on the totem pole! And you know what? That 'addytood', as some say in my old hometown, REEKS!!! Anyone with that addytood shows just how much lower than a snake's belly they are! However, lower even than that is knowing you HAVE that addytood and doing all you can to hide it, paper it over as opposed to CHANGING it inside yourselves!
Not to mention such an addytood shows you really don't think a whole lot of yourself, and THAT is really too dam' bad! Especially when, with a little bit of good education and job training, you can be, as the old song says, better than you are. It might be a while, though, before you can swing on a star or carry moonbeams home in a jar but we all start somewhere.
Finally, Bernie is only too right about our crying need to go BEYOND identity politics! We need to get out of our identity and/or issue silos and start educating (NO patronizing allowed!) and connecting with each other!
Now shout out with me: "Audits! Recounts! Audits! Recounts!" Then remember, that's only part of the beginning!

Monday, November 21, 2016


An open letter to the members of the Electoral College.

Ladies and Gentlemen: By now I needn't remind you of the power given you by the Constitution. That is, to vote for whoever you think best for our country. I know of some states that fine you if you vote for someone else besides the winner of the state's popular vote, but twenty-one states don't compel you that way, or any other way, at all.
Hillary's popular vote margin is now, at latest report, at a million and half and still growing. I've also seen a bit of news that Trump himself expected his campaign to be over by October of last year, after which he planned to endorse Christie. I mention this to suggest he, like myself, might not really want the job. But, still, while I entreat you to elect Hillary Clinton as president, I would ask you to vote for me before Trump, for the following reasons:
1)We have equal experience in politics and government, which is of course to say, we both have none.
2) On the other hand (finger maybe?) I have read history since I was seven, politics and government since I was eleven and have watched politics since 1968 when I turned twelve that August. I hope this counts for something.
3) I listen better. As I am not a habitual liar, my b.s. detector still works pretty well. When I don't know something, I know how to find out who to ask about it and to do just that. Ask.
4) No conflicts of interest. As we are all finding out, Trump seems to be, increasingly, a veritable web of such conflicts. Vote for me in his place, and all those conflicts of interest become academic.
So much for myself in preference to Trump, but I'd really rather you choose Hillary over me for at least the following two reasons: First, she has, as I mentioned previously, a growing popular vote margin nationwide, now at 1.5 million by report. Second, no one knows these 'onions' like she does, except maybe Bernie or Elizabeth (Warren). She knows all the levers to pull and overblown egos to massage (something at which I am positively abysmal!) in order to get necessary things done!
Third, a cloud is over some of those wafer-thin margins for Trump in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Florida and North Carolina. All of these are states where voting laws which have disproportionate effect on students, seniors, people of color and the poor generally, being able to vote as easily as propertied white men. And Democrats being Democrats, they probably either didn't factor in those laws, or not to enough of an extent. Which lead to the polls being off. I think you ladies and gentlemen understand me.
I shall post and share this on FB and my website at and ask for signatures.
Thank you all for your time and consideration of this most urgent matter. Again, I ask you to elect Hillary Clinton for our country's sake.

Monday, November 14, 2016


Let's get a couple of things straight here: the bulk of Trump's support did and does come from open or covert white racists and/or sexists of varying stripe. On the other hand, of the voters who actually put him over the top in Wisconsin, Michigan and (sob!) Pennsylvania at least include many people who voted for Obama in both 2008 and 2012!
Now how cometh this? Thus: Trump's voters are not all racist by any means, but I think it's safe to say almost none of them are anti-racist. That is, Trump's winning votes came from voters who may not be racist (or otherwise prejudiced) themselves, but for whom Trump's voiced racism, sexism, etc., ad nauseam (!), was not a deal-breaker. These are very important distinctions, because we who are anti-racists need 1) to give no quarter to the real racists and 2) show the non-racists why, and how, racism and all its kind MUST henceforth be a political deal-breaker!
Before I go any further, let me also say what I don't mean by racism: I do not mean a preference for one's own people or culture simply because it is one's own. Just be aware of the 'why(s)' of that preference, that's all. Racism's groundwork is laid when we act as if our way is perfect and we got it all. Little secret which ought not be a secret, especially for my fellow Christians: NO ONE has it 'all' or ever will this side of Judgment! Got that?
I don't even mean honest worries about how (un) assimilable the latest arrivals might prove. Such worries are as old as the Scotch-Irish migration to what were then the Colonies. Even then, some of the previous (English) arrivals wondered about that. I hope that can be discussed civilly and without too much rancor.
I think what I do mean is the desire to maintain straight white male patriarchy or the assumption of it as the 'natural' or, worse, the divinely ordained way things ought to be. And Zionism is not racism; it's the Jewish People's Liberation Movement. The Arab world is WAY more racist than Israel will ever be. Just read what brother Eldridge had to say about both!
I'm willing to bet that anywhere from 3/4 to almost all of we palefaces who voted for Hillary are active or passive anti-racists. And this is where I give our collective back a pat. Consider this: at NO TIME in our history have so many whites been actual ANTI-racists! That's right. Not even in 1865; probably no more than ten percent (if that) of the white population was anti-racist then.
I hope that informational tidbit serves us as a bite and a sup, to employ the old phrase, to sustain us on the long journey and job ahead. We have work to do to better organize and coordinate ourselves, educate our 'non-racists' and utterly defeat our open and covert racists, sexists, etc. Let's get to it. NOW.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016


Yesterday, Greg Gutfeld (or 'Badfield' as I prefer to call him) asked, 'When did riots become a legitimate response to real or imagined injustice?' I suggest he's asking the wrong question. He, and others among us, should be asking, when did we delegitimize riots?
We have used riots or the threat of them as a political weapon at least since Parliament passed the Stamp Act if not before then! I invite you, dear readers, to have a look at groups who have done so!
'Whiskey rebels' (hic) 1794
Anti-Catholic rioters in Boston---that's right, BOSTON--burning down an Ursuline nunnery in 1834
Same reason for rioting in Philadelphia in 1844 and the burning of three Catholic churches
Then, of course, it didn't take long at all for the newly arrived Taigs to copy their Ulsterite adversaries (and quite possibly the #1 pros at riots!) and actually seize control of New York City for four horrific days in the sweltering July of 1863 and murdering every person of color they could grab! Memphis in 1866, Chicago and Detroit in 1919, the complete destruction of the 'Black Wall Street' in Tulsa in 1921 and the same crime committed on Rosewood, FL,two years later. Not to mention innumerable lynchings, most between 1890 and about 1940, such as the one photographed at Marion, Indiana! And in NONE of those cases EXCEPT the NYC Draft Riots was there any use of police or military to quell those riots or prevent any lynchings! What was the 'law's' response? "Waal, I guess these yere good ole boys need to kill n***ers now an' ag'in." That's what!
But, lo and behold, the complexion of the rioters started to change about the time of WWII--and THAT'S when rioting started to be something done by Other People as opposed to an appallingly legitimate response to 'n***ers' becoming more prosperous than white trash!!
There was a reversion to the old way in Boston in 1975. Anyone remember that, or even care to remember?
MLK once said, riots are the language of the unheard. I wonder what he'd have to say about the razing of Greenwood and Rosewood and so on? Perhaps I'll find out on the Other Side. No, rioting was delegitimized when, and almost exclusively when (Draft Riots again being the sole exception!) the skin tone of the rioters darkened!
And now, before I skedaddle and hear the large sigh of relief behind me, allow me to turn about 90 degrees as I take Trumpty Dumpty to task about 'EXTREME vetting'. In order to know who to exclude (and, if anyone asks me, who to also exile among many current citizens who call themselves 'Christians') we need ask only one question, because a truthful answer should not be possible to fake. The question is, "What does it mean to have a 'wall of separation' between religion and state, and why is this indispensable for civilized life today?" If anyone knows a credible way to fake an honest answer to that question, please share it with the rest of us. In the meantime, mull over 1) how difficult it is to lie a credible answer to my question and 2) our abiding hypocrisy about riots!
Oh yeah--and if y'all like this post, please share it!


I, Brian Spenser Meadows, a white, middle-aged, straight, Anglo-Saxon Protestant male, do by this post accuse Herr Donald Drumpf, aka 'Trump', and ALL his cheerers, myrmidons and indeed the whole Republican party of TREASON!! Not necessarily as the Constitution spells it out (although I believe one can make a case for that!) but to our civic fabric and, indeed, to the best thing we of ENGLISH (not necessarily British) background may well have given the world to date: the idea and the mechanics of non-violent governmental change and all the civic fabric layers to keep that in place!
For the past thirty-six years we have been witness to ongoing treason to our civic fabric instigated and perpetrated by the top of the 'Republican' party! The Paxton Boy Gingrich is one of those especially guilty of rending that precious fabric as are the Taigs Billo the Clown, Sean the vain, Paddy Buchanan and above all the great traitorous lecher Roger Ailes and his master, Rupert Murdoch the Evil Gnome!! With true Gaelic folly, blindness and rage, they have refused to see that our civic fabric is not properly based on blood or DNA, but on language, culture and upbringing! Some of us who have been deceived believe that blacks and other people of color are prone to rioting--well, from whom did they learn it? It's not innate to them any more than to anyone else except maybe those from whom they DID learn it--the Scots-Irish, the Ulsterites! Which whites did the blacks know best in slavery and freedom? Why, it'd be either the (ex-)planters or the trash--not, for the most part, the class of solid, non-slave-owning farmers whence I for one come!
And let's take a good, l-o-n-g look at all the bad behavior surmised to be part of 'black' culture! How many of those behaviors have also been said, rightly or wrongly, of the 'white trash'?! And from who else could the Africans in exile here learn? Think about it!
For the last thirty-six years this crop of weeds have been slowly choking and wantonly defiling our civic fabric (especially public education, that worthy institution SO feared and loathed by actual and wannabe tyrants!) I call upon all worthy citizens of all shades of skin to RISE UP, get involved, vote for Hillary and ALL the Democrats from her on down to town councils this November 8, and afterward form a new Progressive party and treat Herr Drumpf and ALL so-called Republicans as the TRAITORS they have shown themselves to be!! NOW IS THE TIME!!!!

Friday, July 8, 2016


Let me start by saying I am no expert in this field, nor do I claim to be. I have a B.A. and some postgrad credits, but that's all. Aside from that, all I have is a (probably) larger-than-average determination not to lie to myself about my own feelings and a sharp memory about my own sexual encounters.
The first time I had sex there were neither mind-altering substances used nor any strong-arming. All I did was to answer her questions honestly about whether I'd be disappointed if we didn't do the wild thing. (I said I would be, but no more than that.) So we spent the night together sleeping and fucking and my ego spiked when I told her it was my first time and she reacted with real or feigned disbelief. We shared breakfast in the morning and she went her way. Later that morning and into the afternoon, my stomach felt like it was coated with some metallic substance. It was a rather cold and unhappy feeling.
I didn't feel that way with the next two women I bedded, and I think it was because neither one was at all unwilling. That feeling, however, recurred twice with later partners, each of whom seemed only semi-willing. The worst was when I entered a woman and it was if my body asked, "What are we doing here?" I think I remember feeling worse than just cold liquid metal in my stomach.
Thankfully, I've never felt that way since but I also have had few sexual partners, including two marriages, one of which is happily current and the other which ended seven years ago when my first wife passed on. But now, I ask myself, Have other men besides myself felt this way and could the reason be picking up the feelings of a partner who is semi-willing at best and completely unwilling, or unconscious, at worst?
I've touched on the confusion there can be between father-hunger and 'gay' sexual feeling on the part of some men; now I wonder, could the unacknowledged (by either sex and/or both; probably both) unwillingness of their sexual partners, and the men unconsciously 'picking up' on it, be an aggravating factor in all this?
And before I go any further, let me post that I don't mean to Blame Women for this particular matter. If anything, I'm in favor of both parties to a sexual liaison be as sure as possible that this is what their partner wants as well as themselves before they peel the clothes off and get horizontal. And I will call out anyone and everyone who dares to try and use this article in such an evil way!
I'm also noticing that those cultures, be they national, regional, tribal or whatever, that have traditions of what used to be politely called 'rough wooing' also seem to be the most homophobic as well. The Arab/Muslim world, at least parts of Latin America and indeed Romance language countries overall--and our own Southland as well, to use three examples. In each region, men will often share more genuine friendship and tenderness with each other than they ever will with their women. There are those like Camille Paglia who will say that's probably a better setup then in the Nordic countries where, according to herself, men offer their women too little difference between what they give their women and what the women give each other and, consequentially, the women are miserable--or so she claimeth. I make no judgment either way. As I said before, I'm no expert and all I'm doing is suggesting questions to ask. I certainly concur that all intimate relationships, be they same-or opposite-sex, need a balance of likeness and complementarity which suits both parties in order to stay healthy and helpful to both individuals.
I guess I wonder how much downright misery, individual and societal, might stem from what D.H. Lawrence called, through his character Mellors in Lady Chatterley's Lover, 'cold-hearted fucking, which is death and idiocy'. That is, sex when at least one partner really isn't sure about doing this or has had her (and it usually is 'her') consent robbed by either force or drugs, including alcohol. Let me tell all the males who have had, or may have had, such encounters this much: you may not like women much right now, but the way your hormones run won't change as a result. You are NOT latently gay. And let me ask all of you this question: which takes more REAL manhood: just following your gonads around or learning how to control them yourself? Those hormones are strong, ain't they? Then doesn't it take a real man to control his hormones? Not to suppress, but to control--that is, to regulate them and know when to keep them to yourself and when to let 'em go
And we men need to be better friends to each other in this 21st century world which seems to atomize us pretty mercilessly. Our hormones go their respective ways, person by person, and that almost never changes. I suggest to all my readers that real manhood's 'stool' has three legs: integrity, responsibility and courtesy. Whoever observes these three is a real man with no need to 'prove' it to, or with, anyone. So let's start from there.