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Tuesday, January 27, 2015


I have a few things to say this morning.
First, a reminder that: be our next president ever so progressive, it will avail us but little to elect such a one UNLESS we also elect both a progressive Congress AND progressive state legislatures. Remember that!
Second, if we can't find progressive candidates for these offices let's stand for them ourselves. And in so doing, we need to be creative campaigners in order to be free of the need for big $$$$$ which renders candidates into slaves of the billionaires! Write-in campaigns may prove a useful tool here.
Third, I'm putting myself--Brian S. Meadows, currently of Clarkrange, TN--forward as a write-in for president in 2016. I do this reluctantly and not without trepidation, but I do have two things going for me: an idea of the things that need doing AND I know who to ask for help in getting them done. One such person is my FB friend Robert Reich.
I'd be happier to spend my time writing songs and having them played and produced, but this is something I feel compelled to do. If you're interested in being part of this and are curious about my platform, check out 'The Central Article' on my FB page Progressive Platform & Politics 2014+ for further details. Or try the post on this website titled, Progressive Politics for 2014, 2016 &... as you like.
Fourth, this is a campaign which will depend in large part upon all of us and the time we spend sharing this with others. One of my hopes for this campaign, not only for the White House but for Congress, etc. as well, is at the end of it we the people can say, "We did it ourselves." So 'liking' this post is all very well, but let's get (and keep) cracking on sharing!
Fifth (and here I change the subject a bit) for those who haven't yet read Barnard Malamud's novel 'The Fixer' (or for those who have read but forgotten it) PLEASE (re-)read this book and tell me if Sarah Palin is not an incarnation of the lying trollop Marfa Golov! If we do nothing else this election cycle, we need to send this arrogantly and PROUDLY ignorant specimen back to the trailer park whence she sprung! My apologies to those who live in trailer parks and feel insulted by this reference; if you can lend me a better description of this Arctic white trash, please feel free.
This is one campaign cycle where I feel we the people need to do something RADICALLY different from past campaigns; join me if you feel the same way. God bless you all and--in a most urgent way--God save the United States of America!