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Monday, March 7, 2016


I'm sharing this particular post for more than one reason. Not only is this post's subject pivotal to the campaign this year; I believe it's also at the bottom of the Arab/Israeli conflict.
It looks to me as if the Arab fellahin have been, and still are, in a situation very like those of our 'poor whites'. And lately they, too, have been coming down hard on their 'n***ers'--that is, their 'dhimmis', in this case Christians and Yazidis for the most part. And without Israel, Jews would be on that list too as almost the lowest of them--rather like 'common n***ers', to use an old phrase. But if anyone thinks that, in such a situation, the persecuted would be getting more help and attention, I have two words: DREAM ON! All we need do is remember the world's non-response to the Shoah to put that idea into smithereens. But in any case, imagine how poor whites would feel if Southern blacks had put together, through purchases and sweat equity, a contiguous stretch of land where they lived, worked and governed themselves and even had some whites living peaceably among them. Imagine refugees resorting thither after an annihilation attempt on them elsewhere. (Michigan, anyone?) Imagine further that the blacks took them in and declared their own state shortly after, to have the poor whites swarm in to put this 'abomination' DOWN! And to top it all off, let's say the blacks successfully defended their new state and even received recognition of it from the Feds! Is the shape of a common 'trauma' clear?
I have no idea whether the election of a black president is comparable to this as a 'trauma' to poor whites; perhaps it is.
Another, related, question occurs to me, brought forward by, of all things, reading some 'Mein Kampf' quotes in another post. I wrote above that Jewish involvement in universalist and pacifist movements are no guarantee of their success; at least I implied that. One of these quotes mentions the 'Jewish element' as a 'universalistic and pacifistic element' and, in Adolf's viewpoint, a strength-sapper to any nation. (Recent science has shown that cooperation is better than success at killing, but except to say that the difficulty arises here when YOU'RE willing to cooperate and THEY are not, I'll leave more on that for another time)
And since the resurrection of Israel, even the 'Jewish element' is no longer reliably 'universalistic and pacifistic' and I can already hear some Leftist voices grumbling or moaning how Israel's resurrection is Hitler's greatest victory and why did they give up on the Far Nobler Dream of Universal Peace as rhapsodized over by John Lennon? Well, pal, how 'bout YOU see a third of your people annihilated and the world just whistling and observing its fingernails while it happens?! You won't say, "FUCK Universal Peace; I want a place where we can defend ourselves!!"?
Israel has not, and never will, give up entirely on making peace; the Israeli left runs on more than the fumes of pre-1945 universalism. The Tanakh is full of urgings to make peace, never mind the New Testament. But they don't 'live' there anymore since it became untenable and I think quite a few on the doctrinaire, or semi-doctrinaire, Left are still hurting over that. If anyone thinks I'm off-base, feel free to say so--but not without saying why and how! So here we have, imho, a nearly common trauma and another related to it. Let all read this and then let it simmer awhile, then tell me if you think I got something here or not, but if not, don't forget why and how not.
America incentivizes racism in working class white people, and if we fail to understand this, we will fail to fix it.|By Emma Lindsay