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Wednesday, November 5, 2014


OK, everyone, let's face it. We were f***ing shellacked yesterday!
And why is that? A number of reasons. First, because of all of you so-called 'progressives' who somehow never made it to the polls yesterday!!
For cryin' out loud, thirty-seven percent of yesterday's voters were senior citizens! Millennials, where the hell were you yesterday?! Having a picnic in the park with whatever small change you can spare from your already starvation-level wages?! For which you can thank those same Repiglicans?!?!?
And women: don't you get it yet that the Repiglicans actually mean to force you back into the 1950s?! That they don't want to pay you equally for comparable work and that they actually get off themselves by sticking their long uncomfortable hypocritical noses into your private lives?!
And to my brethren of color: I think your case actually awakens a smidgen or two of sympathy in me--but don't push it! I know some of you have consciously voted since you became old enough because you haven't forgotten what that right means. Kudos to y'all for that.
On the other hand, my anger towards those of you who haven't voted is mitigated by the bitter truth that many of you have consistently voted, yet seen little to nothing change, at least not for the better, when so dam' much needs to change that way! But without those consistent votes, nothing will change for the better. So, with my humble thanks as I don't know if I could do likewise in your places, you need to continue to soldier on and add more to those seasoned, serrated ranks, as a poet once wrote.
And at this level, I think I'm angriest at all the unimaginative schoolmarms, male and female, and the 'little' lambkins in their oh-so-civil classrooms! This past cycle we needed to do quite a lot differently--and we didn't. We didn't even throw every LIE manufactured by the Repiglicans back into their teeth the way we shoul;d be doing!! Why?! Because too many of you can't bring yourselves to f***ing TAKE OFF THE GLOVES and fight bare-knuckle?! 'Cuz that's what we need to do--that and STOP being apologetic about what we know and believe! We need to not only VIGOROUSLY defend but go on offensive, big time and TO HELL with ANYONE'S 'hurt feelings'!!!
And that leads me to the 'leadership': with the truly laudable exceptions of Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders, who else is putting out a real program which real people can get behind and support? What are other Democrats advocating in the way of bread-and-butter issues other than an increase in the minimum wage? How many of us are going around on the Blue Dog's hamster-wheel?
We need more than that! We need to forcibly make the point that there are no jobs on a dead planet; greening our economy and pushing renewable energy forms is the way to both greater economic and defense security (no more wars for oil!), that it is only just to mind our own business as to who marries who and that too much income disparity is FATAL to democracy! Maybe we need to ask very starkly as to which way our fellow-citizens want to go in that respect, although I'll be glad to hear from others about that.
Finally: please don't tell yourself, "Aw, this or that can't happen here; that's too crazy." You're right about that; it IS crazy. But remember: the inmates now run the asylum. Get it? Therefore, legislative lunacy CAN happen. It may be about to unless we block it, in some cases with our own bodies!
And think about under-the-radar, write-in campaigns. Let's see what the law allows and maybe we can jar the MSM and the power-structure generally two years hence. Don't tire of spreading the message and engaging, or re-engaging, the politically disengaged. And next time, YOU also get the hell out and VOTE!!!!!!