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Monday, April 25, 2016


If anyone is still my friend when I've finished this, God bless you. You are truly a special person. I have some hard things to say to many people, including many of my fellow liberals and progressives. One thing I need to say to my brethren is, can we develop a different approach when sharing our information with those who, at least, haven't heard it as often as they need to? I mean, right now too many of us, male and female, approach those who, f'r instance, cling to the racial superiority myths (and as I come from the same stock as they on dad's side, I've REALLY hard words for them coming up!) as if they're--well, suffice it to say we ARE the Judge, the Shrink, the Social Worker the Jets lampoon in 'Gee, Officer Krupke'. Our overall attitude towards those who Aren't Getting The Message seems to be that of an irritated schoolmarm Still Determined To Be Enlightened--one who'd like to use the stick but refuses to, but the kids can feel that desire seeping out of us on all sides and try to get us to be honest about it. So far, kids of color have caught a lot more of the explicit verbal stick than whites have, at least to my knowledge. You know the kind of nastiness that says none of you will do anything but clean toilets anyhow.
And I wonder: does Bernie project some of that? Could that be why he really hasn't gained much traction among lower-income people of any color? Hillary's shown flashes of that but flashes are just that, as opposed to something more consistent.
I'll say this right now: I support Bernie because I see him as abler to get the serious and far-reaching changes we need to make rolling. I also think he expects more of us to participate in the nuts and bolts of that change, which is at least part of the reason why he himself is sketchy on them. If you respond better to someone with a not-so-irritated style and who is more articulate about the nuts and bolts, I can see why you'd support Hillary. In any case, both Bernie and Hillary have said that each is an infinitely better choice than ANY Republican. So let's keep that in mind.
Which brings me to those of my people who, rather than make common cause with those darker people who have LONG been ground down the way you now also are, would rather DIE with their cherished lying myths of racial superiority. Y'all are in BIIIIG trouble both with me and in reality!
Let me say right off that I do understand your irritation with the schoolmarmishness of too many liberals: it gets under my skin too. But, GodDAMMIT, are you all so FUCKING immature you can't get past that and hear the truth in their message?! If some of you bothered to either ask questions or even share your feeling about that manner with blacks and Latinos, you might be pleasantly surprised by the response! And what would that be? Well, they might have slightly different words for it, such as, "We don't want no 'help', but if they realize they needs to git free too, that's different" you might catch onto that you are both saying much the same thing. A Native American woman put it thus to her white liberal allies: "If you are here to help me, you're wasting your time. But if you're here because you realize your liberation is bound up with mine, then let's march together."
See, that's the big lie from the super-rich who have long ground others down and who now grind you: that freedom is a zero-sum deal, THAT'S A LIE--the more freedom others have, the more YOU will also have! NOW is the time to THROW AWAY the remnant rags of Jim Crow which never did anything real for you anyhow and start the honest dialogue with blacks and Latinos which can and, if you persist, will bring forth a better life for all of you, your children and grandchildren.
The end to growth is always death. So there you have it: choosing to grow is to choose life. You stick with Jim or Jane Crow, you and yours will die. Throw them away, so that you and your children may live, as Scripture says!