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Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Some things to remember about the newly-written song that follows: First, I think this is for the whole stinkin' crop of 'em. Second, if anyone takes exception to any language herein, remember this is being written from THEIR viewpoint. Third, the tune is from the hymn, 'Hail To The Lord's Anointed', which is hymn 616 in the Episcopal 1982 Hymnal.

I am God's own anointed! I am the only one!
The truest, best,most faithful, I swear by Cross and Gun!
I shall uphold my churches, compel all to support
The churches that we favor, which are our shining forts!

When the crown is on my head, white men shall rule supreme
All women and all coloreds shall not be heard nor seen!
No protections for workers, consumers or the poor
As we return to feudal times and rip up today's floors!

And we will feed our military forces more and more
We'll have much more cannon fodder because we'll force loose whores
To bear their shameful urchins and give them only smacks
Till they put on uniforms, for troops they'll be right cracks!

What's this? Asking ME questions? That's gross pre-sum-tee-ion!
I shouldn't have to answer 'cause I'm a holy one!
OH! All those EVIL questions you dare ask--how uncouth!
And now you have the nerve to say I can't handle the truth!

Oh God! PLEASE rain down thunderbolts on such impiety!
Look on me, your chosen one! O Lord, do you not see?!
They mock me, Lord, and call me a hypocrite to boot
And with their boots they serve me and tell me off to scoot!

God, how could you allow this--for me to be disgraced?
They laugh at me, O Lord my God, me from my seat they chase!
And now they'll pay me no more except to go on home
There to say to you, "Lord! Lord!' and leave them all alone!

Hope y'all enjoy this. Please don't record for commercial purposes without my leave.