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Monday, December 12, 2016


To ALL liberals, progressives, and real Democrats:
Now, now, NOW is the time to stand up and SCREAM AT THE TOP OF OUR LUNGS!!!
As the ties between the Trumpery Gang and Russia's Czar Vladimir II become clearer, we need to stand up and name this for what it is: TREASON!!
In pursuit of wealth and power, too many 'Republicans' (I call them 'RePIGlicans') have shown there really is nothing, NOTHING, they will not do to get these things including selling the rest of us for thirty pieces of silver each. They have been showing us this ever since Nixon told Thieu to hold back from the peace table because he, Ol' Milhous, would give him a better deal if elected, THROUGH the Reagan's campaign backstairs deal with the Ayatollah to hold onto our hostages until Carter was out of office AND the illegal aid to the Somocistas in Nicaragua EVEN UNTO THIS PRESENT DAY and Trump's telltale ties with Russia's current emperor as he aspires to make himself another emperor over us even as he humbugs his voters from here till New Year's Day!!
This, fellow citizens, is the culmination of almost half a century of treason!!
While the Repiglicans at least pretend to believe that, why, anyone and everyone does that much for wealth and power, we need to give them a big, fat, LOUD, NO! NOT SO!!
Even LBJ showed he was not that kind when he covered up Nixon's treason for fear of how it would shake the people's faith in the system! Taking one's opportunities is rather different from stopping at nothing and selling one's very soul!
But now is NOT a time for showing such 'faith' when the GOP termites have eaten the system nearly all the way through! If the GOP pols do believe this, then they also project it out upon the rest of us, most of whom want no more than to be of service, earn a reasonably comfortable salary, be able to educate our kids and not have to worry about possible medical bankruptcy. Fellow citizens, the system's safeguards against corruption and tyranny work only to the extent that you and I keep squinting eyes on them and, to tell the bitter truth, lately we have shamefully neglected this instrumental duty that only we can do!
However, we can redeem ourselves IF, right NOW, we stand up and say, "We will not have a TRAITOR for president, nor will we have any of his party who cannot show a record of NOT being a similar type of traitor to the idea of our country!"
No time for anything now but standing up and speaking up and SCREAMING if that's what we need to do! Pressure the electors in our states to elect Hillary or, indeed, ANYONE who took no part in the GOP's Food Fight called a primary!