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Tuesday, August 16, 2016


I, Brian Spenser Meadows, a white, middle-aged, straight, Anglo-Saxon Protestant male, do by this post accuse Herr Donald Drumpf, aka 'Trump', and ALL his cheerers, myrmidons and indeed the whole Republican party of TREASON!! Not necessarily as the Constitution spells it out (although I believe one can make a case for that!) but to our civic fabric and, indeed, to the best thing we of ENGLISH (not necessarily British) background may well have given the world to date: the idea and the mechanics of non-violent governmental change and all the civic fabric layers to keep that in place!
For the past thirty-six years we have been witness to ongoing treason to our civic fabric instigated and perpetrated by the top of the 'Republican' party! The Paxton Boy Gingrich is one of those especially guilty of rending that precious fabric as are the Taigs Billo the Clown, Sean the vain, Paddy Buchanan and above all the great traitorous lecher Roger Ailes and his master, Rupert Murdoch the Evil Gnome!! With true Gaelic folly, blindness and rage, they have refused to see that our civic fabric is not properly based on blood or DNA, but on language, culture and upbringing! Some of us who have been deceived believe that blacks and other people of color are prone to rioting--well, from whom did they learn it? It's not innate to them any more than to anyone else except maybe those from whom they DID learn it--the Scots-Irish, the Ulsterites! Which whites did the blacks know best in slavery and freedom? Why, it'd be either the (ex-)planters or the trash--not, for the most part, the class of solid, non-slave-owning farmers whence I for one come!
And let's take a good, l-o-n-g look at all the bad behavior surmised to be part of 'black' culture! How many of those behaviors have also been said, rightly or wrongly, of the 'white trash'?! And from who else could the Africans in exile here learn? Think about it!
For the last thirty-six years this crop of weeds have been slowly choking and wantonly defiling our civic fabric (especially public education, that worthy institution SO feared and loathed by actual and wannabe tyrants!) I call upon all worthy citizens of all shades of skin to RISE UP, get involved, vote for Hillary and ALL the Democrats from her on down to town councils this November 8, and afterward form a new Progressive party and treat Herr Drumpf and ALL so-called Republicans as the TRAITORS they have shown themselves to be!! NOW IS THE TIME!!!!

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