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Friday, April 26, 2013


I've been mulling something over lately: the initial purpose of hijab, niqab, yea even burqa, was to render women INCONSPICUOUS. How well they work, given the stats on abuse of women in Muslim societies, is open to a good deal of questioning.
More than that, though, is the fact that women wearing such clothing in Western or indeed in any non-Muslim societies are ANYTHING BUT inconspicuous; they stick out like sore thumbs! If Muslim men in non-Muslim societies want women to blend in to the scenery, a better costume might be: a cap (in North America, probably a baseball cap) with maybe a pony tail hanging out the back, either t-shirt or sweatshirt depending on the weather, capris or sweatpants ditto, sneakers and a pair of shades if it's a bright day.
And as a Westerner, I can only conclude two things about women who insist (or their menfolk who insist) on wearing niqab or burqa in a non-Muslim society: either they're shutting their eyes to certain things about their 'host' society or they are deliberately raising a battle standard and flaunting it in the faces of the rest of us!
I don't even want to write what I think of males (they don't even deserve to be called 'men' in my opinion) who compel their women to wear clothing which, given the time and place, amounts to a battle flag saying "We-you-coming-to-get, infidel!" except for that where I come from, most men who deserve to be so called would consider such a gesture unconscionably COWARDLY!
Is a combination of both possible? I don't know.
But, as the hijab has a close resemblance to the headscarves which most women still wear at some points or other, it's decidedly different from the other two. Indeed, it can even be a sign of respect for the 'host' society inasmuch as while it says something distinct about the wearer, neither does it hide her face (anyone's most unique feature) and thus enables her to blend into the societal stream as it were.
Besides, I know someone who honors me with the title 'brother' (and I'm delighted to reciprocate) who wears hijabs with more style, class and downright sparkle than I'd have thought possible before! You know who you are, sister! Mwah!
Anyhow, to conclude: if women want to blend in and not stand out, that needs to be sartorial as well. So, ladies, take my 'sister's' advice on how to wear hijabs if that's what you want. Otherwise, go and get the sweatsuits, t-shirts, capris, caps and sneakers. Dressed like that, most males, men and others, will pass you by without a second thought.


  1. I am a Muslim and Niqab (covering ur face is not Islamic)
    I find it disgusting.
    By wearing Niqab in the west, you are only causing hatred and more attention to yourself and bringing real muslims a bad name. If you want to be backwards do it in a place where it is part of the culture to wear niqab. A real muslimah wouldn't want unnecessary attention to herself.

    We expect a woman to do a man's job, make a man's money, and then walk around with a burka covering our identities and then bow down for her man like it was still a hundred years ago? Well, no thank you!

  2. I'm not sure about the Niqab I thought it was a choice thing as Allah says to wear your head covering to cover your chest in the Quran. In the Hadith it says the the prophet Muhammed pbuh said that all that should be able to be seen is the hands and the face. If women were meant to wear the niqab then why is it not alowed during Hajj to wear gloves or Niqab? It is personal choice and these sisters are trying to be as pious and modest as they can which I respect but is it the case like in the catholic religion where Allah said they decided to become nuns and priests so that they would not marry to please Allah but it is not necessary as per the Quran? I just like to follow the rulings of the Quran.

    And I would not wear a niqab, that is the reason I left my ex because he forced me to wear it and I completely disagree to his pathetic logic of wearing a niqab. I do not feel comfortable wearing a thing covering my full body. It freaks me out.

    Truly speaking it is Musthab and our Prophet Muhammad(PBUH)told his wives to wear it.

    1. Yes, true... Women wearing Burka or niqab have been brainwashed into believing it gives them dignity, which is a joke for the rest of us... How can an extra piece of cloth give dignity... Dignity is achieved with personality, not from a towel on your head.